Who am I?

Hello, I'm Wout.

I'm a young Belgian multimedial designer just finishing up on my master in Communication & Multimediadesign.


Pre 2005

  • Finishes high school (Science - mathematics)
  • Finishes music academy cum laude in classical guitar
  • Develops an interest in webdesign, graphical design and video editing


  • Starts studying Communication & MultimediaDesign (C-MD) in Genk, Belgium
  • The project-based education of C-MD teaches him a myriad of techniques, including (x)html, css, php, mysql, and actionscript 2.0
  • Enjoys projects that have a creative & artistic side to them
  • First steps in the field of making digital music


  • Sharpens his programming skills and first experiments in 3D
  • Learns to animate with After Effects
  • Starts up Blobkat.com, a drawing portfolio
  • Makes an ambient EP called "woodd"


  • Learns how to tell stories using multi-medial means
  • Does an intership at Champ d'Action and works with media in a performative context
  • Learns how to work with multi-medial programming tools Max/MSP and Processing
  • Gets his bachelors degree in C-MD


  • Works with new interfaces in multi-medial art projects
  • Learns how to work with immersion and experience
  • Writes a thesis about a computer music interface driven by human motion
  • Gets his masters degree in C-MD (Master of Arts)